23. August 2017
Musings about the new school year.

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06. August 2017
A review of the daily, 8-week Bible study of Ephesians, "Included in Christ" by Heather Holleman.

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09. July 2017
Life coach Jeanie Tillman shares her story of transformation.

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06. July 2017
A little story of how I lost something and found it again.

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25. June 2017
Have you determined the value of your friendships lately? Take a few minutes to read what I determined about one of mine today.

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06. June 2017
A few weeks ago, my husband noticed a nest being built in the tree nearest our home. I was excited, and I couldn't wait to show our boys (ages 7 and 5). We were going to be bird parents! Dutifully and skillfully, the bird prepared what looked like a tangle of twigs, leaves, and other odds and ends over the span of a week. All of a sudden, the building frenzy was over, the nest was complete, and the bird took residence. I don't know exactly when she laid her eggs, but we were all in. Every day...
22. May 2017
Staples ® was really on to something when they changed their marketing to reflect a concept that millions of us could relate to. The “easy” button, isn’t that a novel idea? Now if I could just carry around a never-ending supply of them and apply them as needed, to any situation, person, assignment…well, you get where I’m going. So I decided that this had to be more than a notion or selling point to drive customers into stores.

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17. May 2017
I used to sing with an a cappella choral group several (cough, cough lol) years ago. We were fortunate enough to have a song composed for our group by a celebrated and award-winning musician who used several verses of Psalm 119 as lyrics. While it was not my first time hearing these texts, the song made them come alive in my heart. What I love about this particular verse is the simplicity of the relationship David describes. He holds nothing back in seeking God, and realizes that this is the...
14. May 2017
What is it about becoming a mother that is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time? I wish there were adequate words to describe it. Every day I wake up to the gusty wails of my littlest one, and I ask God, “Why me?”

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