My freelance writing covers a myriad of styles and genres. For longer than I want to admit, my writing was dutifully, yet happily torn between academic voice for my dissertation and creative voice for my blog. Now, that I have completed my doctoral degree, I especially find joy in writing for special assignments, topical and/or themed compilations.


I offer proofreading/editing services on a case-by-case basis. I am also a skilled copywriter with developmental, marketing, content, and branding copywriting experience.


In addition to the above, I provide sensitivity reader services in the following areas:

  • Motherhood - specifically as it relates to miscarriage, pregnancy loss, and infertility.
  • African American/Black culture/life both faith-based and lived experiences
  • Children - Christian children's literature and children's literature based on African American/Black figures
  • Healthcare, Public health, Psychology - African American/Black infant and maternal health and mortality, social and reproductive justice
  • General faith-Based audiences - how a message can be received and perceived to consumers of fiction and non-fiction Christian literature, specifically faith-based groups with female audiences


Contact me for consultation and pricing.

Freelance Examples

- Community management and content copywriting for faith-based ministries

- Topic-based non-fiction/fiction writing (online and print)

- Developmental strategy sessions for both fiction and non-fiction authors

- Developmental editing and review for fiction and non-fiction authors

- Devotional compilations

- Devotional guest posting

- Bible teaching (both print and audio)

- Book product review/promotion

- Book endorsement 

- Ghostwriting and Book research

- Online/live panel or one-on-one sessions on various topics including faith, health, family, and relationships


What my clients are saying...

"Quantrilla Ard wrote a lesson for the Third Quarter 2018 edition of Collegiate Quarterly (CQ), a faith-based publication with a worldwide audience. She delivered her lesson before the deadline. It was a quality product with content that was easy to read and engaging. As a lesson coordinator for CQ, it makes my job easier when my writers produce a quality product and send it to me on time. Working with Quantrilla was a pleasure! I'd recommend her as a freelance writer for any news/media publication."

~Alexis A. Goring, Lesson Coordinator for CQ