The Episodes

The Episodes · 13. July 2020
Some reflections on our move from Maryland to Atlanta.

The Episodes · 14. April 2019
A look at how compassion and its role in the Easter story.

The Episodes · 10. September 2018
The conclusion of my story of pregnancy loss and encouragement.

The Episodes · 13. February 2018
How a sci-fi movie helped me finish my dissertation proposal.

The Episodes · 11. January 2018
Learning how the "gift of no" can be a blessing in your life.

The Episodes · 02. December 2017
How the little things cause some of the worst pain.

The Episodes · 17. November 2017
What I learned about restoration from a smartphone upgrade.

The Episodes · 06. October 2017
Part two of my story of loss through miscarriage.

The Episodes · 11. September 2017
Encouragement for moms who have lost, and moms in waiting.

The Episodes · 23. August 2017
Musings about the new school year.

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