Skin Care Matters

When you meet someone for the first time, what are the top three things that you notice about them? Did their skin make the list? I suppose it depends on the individual. I'm a very observant person (take that as you will, lol) and a person's skin is definitely on my list. The condition of our skin plays a large role in our appearance and how we present ourselves to others. How do I know this to be true? In 2016, the cosmetic industry was responsible for about 62.42 billion in revenue. On a more personal level, ask anyone suffering from acne or any other skin concern.

Helping people find solutions, has become such a joy for me. I feel most confident when I have on a nice outfit, hair laid, coordinating pieces properly placed. I can't help but want others to feel the same about their skin. Whether it's a mom seeing a few laugh or expression lines (because there are so many giggles and expressions in motherhood), a teenager with uncontrollable breakouts, a man battling razor bumps, a sun-loving loyal who wants to reverse the damage, or someone looking to soothe their irritated, sensitive skin, the answer can be found here.

You'll find tips, tricks, and products that will get you on the road to the skin that's been there all the time.

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