On Black Faith Heroes...A Book Review

As a homeschool mother of Black children who is always on the hunt for materials and resources to build them up and edify them, I was ecstatic to come across an opportunity to review this book! This review is special to me because it was a book about the African roots of the Christian church. It was perfect timing for Black History Month as well, as we discussed the civil rights timeline and its connection to the Black church. I enjoyed the colors and vibrancy of the book and how the cover immediately captured our attention. My children were very pleasantly surprised to know that the Christian church has so many African forefathers and foremothers, many of whom we may never know this side of glory. 


Each story's connection to a specific virtue was an added bonus, as common themes of faith and belief were threads that connected all the stories. I learned so much as I navigated the different stories and names, a feat that I held with pride as we discuss the importance of correct pronunciations of names being a sign of respect. There were so many delightful moments reading this book, specifically the opportunities for discussion afterwards. I highly recommend it for family reading. The book is geared toward children ages 4-7, but all my kiddos (ages 8, 12, & 14) enjoyed learning something new. 


Make sure you grab your copy of African Heroes today!