Review Post: On the book "Included In Christ"...

I love books. Plain and simple. I am blessed to turn my love of books into a creative outlet, through reviewing books for several publishers. Moody Publishers graciously sent me this book free of charge and I am offering an honest review. I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me on this first installation of reviews.


Included in Christ is a daily, 8-week bible study on the book of Ephesians. Written by Heather Holleman, it takes the reader on a journey of self-exploration while examining in-depth truths of this Pauline epistle. I jumped at the chance to read this study as I have been drawn to Ephesians quite often the last few months, and I hoped it would give me the opportunity to take a deeper look at this book, with so many well-known scriptures. The author guides you through the book of Ephesians will ease and skill. Not only will the reader finish the book with a renewed love for the Bible overall, they will also see themselves as being a part of the story.


One of the most important features of this book is that it reads like a personal journey rather than a traditional bible study.  Each day, there are questions that help the reader relate and apply what they have read to their everyday life. The tone of the book is conversational in an unassuming and endearing way, making this study the perfect companion for readers at all levels and stages of bible study. Heather combines her insight as both a student of the word and a writer, producing a result that will be a touchstone for both new and seasoned Christians alike. 


I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I felt it had a special pull for writers such as myself. I was inspired specifically by the featured Savior Stories, as well as Heather's own personal walk through Ephesians. I would highly recommend this study to anyone! I am glad to say that I too have a Savior Story!