Review Post: On the devotional A Moment to Breathe...

This devotional is a sweet and tender refreshment to the busy soul. Each day provides a reminder that breathable moments happen in a variety of ways, and that taking the time to soak them up is an invaluable and necessary part of our every day lives. Some of my favorite authors share their life moments in this book, and as a reader, it reminds me of how similar our lives are as women - that we are in this together and are experiencing life together. Each daily reading is like a tiny bite of your favorite candy (or whatever you like), just enough to satisfy. The readings are easy to digest and only beg for a few minutes a day. I recommend this 365-day devotional for any woman that needs to take a pause and find just a moment to breathe. 


Bonus: It's a small book that you can take with you anywhere - tuck it in your work bag, take it on a trip, it's just the right size for women on the go.


I loved being a part of the launch team for A Moment to Breathe, and received a free copy. I was not under any obligation to read or review this book, but I thought I'd share it with you anyways!


What's a recent devotional or book you've read that has infused some fresh air in your life lately? I'd love to hear about it below!