On Neighbors (Five Minute Friday)...

Five Minute Friday

Hey Ya'll!


I just came across the greatest little blogger secret! The five minute Friday link up! Weekly prompts on different topics. One word topics, given out Thursday evenings to motivate you to write/blog for five minutes...I was hooked. I would give you more details, but I only have five minutes to write and I can't edit or proofread myself! For a perfectionist like myself, this is a little challenging, but I love that it is pushing me out of my comfort zone. I'm going to try to catch each Friday and share with you here. So without and additional delay, here we go. 


Today's prompt - Neighbor.


What makes a good neighbor? Sharing the occasional cup of sugar or milk, or egg maybe? An nice chit chat after a long day when both of you pull up in your respective driveways? Could it be more? I dare say so. Growing up, I watched tv shows where neighbors ate together, took care of each others' lawns and kids, and offered lots of unsolicited advice. I longed for the nosy older grandmother that would watch the street like a hawk, but always knew the right time to send over a batch of your favorite sugary treat.  As I have grown up, gotten married, and become a neighbor, it definitely brought clarity to what being a neighbor truly is.  We have been blessed to have great neighbors in both our old and current homes. These extensions of your family (yes ours definitely became this) don't just end because you move. We have been blessed to have lasting and rich relationships long after we left the old neighborhood. Recently, we had the opportunity to be a neighbor to some friends who didn't live next door, but are our neighbors nonetheless. It became a teaching moment for our children, as to what being a good neighbor is. So as I close this (I think I've gone over my time lol), I implore you to reach out to those who live around you or those in your direct sphere of influence. You neighbor may be closer or farther than you first believed. 


From My Neighboring Heart to Yours,



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